So… Do You Think Women Are Better?

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Here’s what people are saying about my Women Are Simply Better series:

  • This book is a must read. Linda Baumgarten has cracked the code for success in real estate investing. ~ Robert Shemin, New York bestselling author
  • I am encouraged and empowered!  Women ARE simply better at real estate!  That IS easily recognized after reading this book. I look forward to getting Book 2. ~ Mary Ellen Johnson, Entrepreneur
  • What an awesome book! As a property manager and entrepreneur this book was filled with so many practical tips in both business and real estate. Linda's easy to read and easy to implement tips will help anyone in the real estate business.” ~ Doreen Dilger, Property Manager and Business Coach
  • I have been a Real Estate Investor/Real Estate Broker for over 24 yrs. The Author has obviously been there done that.....then broke it down for others to benefit from! A great read for everyone. Well DONE! ~ T. Wehrle, real estate agent and investor, St. Louis and Connecticut
  • This book made me feel empowered as a woman real estate investor. Linda's writing is clear and easy to understand with some great insights into the mindset you need to become successful. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to grow their business and grow confidence as a person and a woman in today's competitive marketplace. ~ Linda Crandell, Rehabber, Upstate New York